Home Remedies for Cleaning Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is widely used in designing some parts of house such as countertops, tables, sinks and floors. This kind of stone is not just beautiful and pleasing, but with some proper care and maintenance it can last for many generations. Marble is a special stone that sometimes need special cleaning techniques too, especially if there are serious damages on it. Not all the time, you will need to use a special cleaning solution to treat marbles at home. Hiring the professionals become important when you think that do-it-yourself marble cleaning kit seems not enough anymore. On the other hand, still it is very important for the house owners like you to have complete materials and cleaning solutions inside your cleaning cabinet.

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The Do’s

Fill up an empty bucket with water and an ample amount of soap. Just choose a mild and gentle liquid soap for cleaning your marble. To start cleaning, use a sponge or perhaps a soft mop. Dip it to the soap water solution and wring it out gradually. Start cleaning the marble by wiping the stains. For tough stains like food stains, tomato and oil stains, you can add small amount of hydrogen peroxide to your sponge. Afterwards, wipe the marble surface and make use of a soft cloth like a terrycloth towel to dry. This technique is better than air-drying.

Baking soda is also a good alternative, actually several house owners are using this natural ingredient when cleaning marbles at home. According to the professionals, baking soda is safe on marble. To prepare, simply mix at least three tablespoons of baking soda and mixed it to a quart of warm water. With the use of a rag or sponge, wipe the stains on the marble using baking soda solution. Rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth. Buff the marble floor.

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The Don’ts

Vinegar is actually one of the most popular home cleaning solutions, actually many house owners are using this ingredient for cleaning purposes. Acid is a strong chemical which is too harmful for the marble. Using such acidic cleaning solution, the type of chemical will slowly eat the minerals and other component of the marbles.

Last but not the least, be very careful with what you are going to use on your marble tops and on floors. In case, you are not so sure on how to treat dull marbles in your home, it is best to contact the professionals and let them give you the services you need.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Marbles

Marble is a natural stone and it has a very beautiful look. It comes in different colors, sizes and even shapes. Although, this kind of stone is durable, it still has to be maintained by means of proper procedure. You need to clean, polish or sometimes restore them to continue to look beautiful in years to come. These beautiful stones are porous meaning they are too sensitive. In this case, marble is prone to staining as well as scratching. That is why these stone should be clean properly.

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If you have marbles at home, it is advisable to use coasters under the glasses, hot pans and etc. do not place these materials directly on the marble surface. It is true that any material or item can scratch the marble surface. In addition to that, protect your marbles from liquid spills. There are some foods and beverages that can damaged the marble surface especially that contain acid. As much as possible, do not expose your marbles with vinegar, juices, coffee, teas or soda.

Dirty marbles should be clean right away. However, wrong cleaning procedures could pose to damages. Cleaning job itself can be a hazard to marbles because of the materials you are going to use. Example, the vacuum. When you use a wrong or rough pad, it can only damage the marbles severely. You can dust mop the marble but make sure to use a clean and a very soft dust mop.

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Basically, you can use a good cleaner product in polishing dull marbles but if in case it is ot available, there are three standard cleaners according to the professionals. These are the natural soap for the stone, small amount of mild liquid dishwashing soap and a neutral cleaner. Marble cleaners should be at least pH level of 7.

Since marbles can be damaged to acid, do not use vinegar as your cleaning agent to marble. Use a soft cloth or a sponge and not a scouring pad. Experts say that it is a good idea to test the cleaner first before you apply it directly to the marble. To test, simply put a small amount of the cleaner on a scrap marble. In rinsing cleaner solution, use lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly. Get rid of the residue when you have finish marble polishing job. Ammonia mixed with some parts of water can be a solution however too much ammonia can dull the surface of the natural stone.


Removing Etches From Marble

Marbles are beautiful stone because they add something different to a home. However, they can easily be damaged even by stepping on them. According to the professionals, more marbles are damaged due to spill of some liquids on the surface areas. Any form of liquid that spills on the marble tops can result to discolorations, stains and even permanent damage to the marble. Marbles are prone to the acidic chemical reaction. Normally, it is because of the accidental spills that can possibly happen every day such as coffee, juices and teas. Yes of course, some simple spills can be easily clean by just wiping them off. There are some products which are ready to use for cleaning marble tiles and floors. On the other hand, the longer you leave etches unattended, then it could eventually result to further serious damage or even permanent damage.

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Lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, wine and other liquids with high content level of acid can cause damages to the marble. They will certainly etch the surfaces of the marbles right after the spills. Etches appear like a small or large dots on the marble. But keep in mind that there are etches that are hard to remove thus it needs special techniques. Etches can be classified into three categories, it can be minor, moderate and severe.

In case you notice some marks or imperfections on your marble floors, here are some helpful tips for you in order to remove etches on marble.


1.   Make sure that the top of the marble is clean and there are not form of dirt or dust. Use a damp sponge to clean the marble tops and then wait for some minutes to dry.

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2.   Put an ample amount of marble polishing powder directly where etches are found. This is to lightly cover the damages. You can get a good and high quality marble polishing powder via online or in any local home improvement stores.

3.   Gently rub the powder all over the marbles. Dampen a clean soft cloth and wipe it to remove etches. A technique is to wipe etches opposite for example, etch is vertical then wiping should be done in horizontal motion. Keep this step until you notice that the etching is fading, wait until it is no longer visible thus the marble is already shiny.

The instructions mentioned above are recommended to treat etched marbles. But, when the marbles in your home are too dull and severely damaged, seeking the professionals are advisable this time.

In the event that you are seeking for any solutions that can help clean dirty and Marble Stain Removal Miami at home, then finding the most appropriate solution is very important. You really have to select the right cleaning solution for your marble type. Choosing the right marble cleaning solution is essential not only that it can remove the stains in your marble but also to keep your marble safe from any permanent damage since using wrong solutions for marble could possible harmed such precious stone. Dull and stained marbles can actually be treated by yourself thus save a lot of dollars hiring a professional process and services. There are several companies that offer excellent job when it comes to marble cleaning as well as marble polishing but it surely cost a lot of money depending on the damages.

In cleaning marbles at home, the very first thing you should do is to know the type of marbles you are going to clean. Basically, there are several types of marbles and with different characteristics. Knowing its type could help you analyze the level of its porosity. For example, a dark brown marble called Breccia Nouvella and the dark green colored marbles called Verde Antique are some samples of marbles that needs a deeper and much comprehensive marble cleaner or poultice. Moreover, these types of marbles are also recommended to be polished with a highly formulated marble cleaner solution or product to bring out the original high gloss of the stone.

If you already know the type of marbles you have in your home and its level of porosity, it would be easy for you to determine which solution or cleaner product you are going to use for your marbles at home. Do not choose and use any kind of product without proper evaluation for your marbles because it could possibly form severe discolorations or even permanent damage.

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Most standard marble cleaners that can actually be purchased in the market are only suitable to treat minor scratches and dirt. Furthermore, the result sometimes do not last for a long time. You’ll need to repeat marble cleaning from time to time if you want glossy and shiny marbles every day.

Marbles can be stained, for example a stain coming from oil, coffee, tea, juices and wine. You need to wipe it out immediately and you should also use some marble cleaner product. Also, do not use a product or any solution with acid content since acid is extremely harmful for the marble.

Always bear in mind that not all marble cleaner products or marble stain removers are always compatible with marble. You need to make sure that the cleaner you are going to use will not damage the marbles. Furthermore, educating yourself on how to clean or polish marble floors at home as well as the right maintenance in preventing stains and discolorations is very important in the first place.

For most individuals who have marbles at home, find Marble Polishing Miami a very tedious task and such an overwhelming chore. There might be some questions in your mind when it comes to the right procedure of do-it-yourself marble polishing job. Wrong or improper marble polishing could only end up to damaging the marble permanently. Marble is more sensitive, delicate and soft as compared to other natural stones. Due to this fact, marble needs to be treated by means of the most appropriate tools as well as with the cleaning agent. Choosing the best marble cleaning solution for your marble type is very important.

Not all marbles have the same characteristics. Every marble stone have different species and characteristics. It is very important for you to know and learn the major minerals content of your marbles at home. The minerals in the marbles could possibly react when treated by a different marble cleaner product. Hence, knowing the characteristics and type of the marble before polishing it is very important to avoid mistakes that could possibly lead to permanent damage. Colored marbles are actually much sensitive and more porous because more minerals are added to them. Aside from marble polishing, sealing of them is also very necessary in order to ensure that the elements within the marble stone are being protected. A lot of people thinks or believe that marble polishing job is enough and such a sufficient way of protecting the marble tops from any damages however, this is a true misconception.

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Marbles that are highly porous in characteristics needs to be sealed much more aggressively whereas marbles that are less porous may only need shallow sealant. But whatever it is, the main important here is to clean and polish marbles in a regular basis.

On the other hand, severe and dull marbles are required to be treated by means of professional procedures. Professional marble cleaning as well as polishing is very different from do-it-yourself jobs. Expert people do have the right tools and equipment in saving your dull marbles. Hiring the services of the professional companies is actually the best option in dealing marbles. They are capable of bringing back the beauty and freshness look of the marbles just like the first day it was installed in your home. Plus, they can also provide warranty and complete satisfaction when it comes to their work.

In case you are looking for the marble professional cleaners, simply contact colonial floor care for your free estimate right now. The professionals will immediately visit your place and examine the marbles properly. You can never go wrong in hiring the professionals.

Dealing dull marble stones and floors in your home is a serious task. As a matter of fact, many house owners are having problems on how to make their marble stones beautiful and attractive again. Aside from being a difficult and tiring job, it needs much of your time and effort in order to complete the do-it-yourself marble cleaning and polishing job. On the other hand, there are several ways and solutions that can help you in cleaning your dull marbles at home. But, if the marble problems are hard to handle, it is always better to seek the professionals. Professional marble cleaners and polishers have the right tools plus years of expertise and experience in handling dull marble stones. If in case you are having big problems with your dirty, dull and ruined marbles at home, hiring the experts is definitely the best option for you to take. Why would you hire the experts? The following are some reasons why you should contact the professionals.

    1.  Convenience – for many people, this the main reason why they would hire the professionals rather than conduct the job on their own. In addition to that, hiring the professionals would give you full satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to the result. Contacting them is so simple. You can call them by phone, communicate through emails or visit them personally to their company. After you have made an appointment with them, the professionals would immediately prepare a schedule to visit your home. Generally, this is simply the great option especially if you are a type of person who do not have the patience to the task alone.

      2.     Professional Cleaning – Of course, the results of their works is always excellent. Their expertise in cleaning and polishing natural stones like marble is something worth paying for. Their trainings and performance is far different from do-it-yourself marble cleaning job. They have all the right tools for it as well as the techniques in order to get the positive results.

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      3.    Satisfaction Guaranteed – all the professional companies should offer a guarantee to all their customers. Through this, you will always have confidence that your marble stones will shine and sparks at its best. You will surely enjoy a beautiful and elegant marble stones for a long period of time. This is absolutely something you will never get by the do-it-yourself Marble Cleaning Miami.

Seeking the services of the marble cleaner professionals is definitely the answer the answer to your marble problems. Enjoy a lot of advantages as well as be proud with your sparkling marble floors and stones in your home.

Marble is basically one of the most precious natural stones obtainable today. One glance to this type of stone could certainly leave or make an impact. But, what happens when the marble stone becomes worn out, stained or damaged? It then looks so dull and lifeless. But, there is a way to save your marble from any damage such as the process of marble polishing. This is a simple technique in bringing back the shine of the marble top.

Typically, marble stone is calcium-based when it comes to its characteristics. Acid can surely damage the marble hence it needs to be treated with special care. It needs to follow the correct cleaning process. Marble Polishing Miami is a way of saving your marble stone from looking dull and lifeless. It is designed to achieve the highest level of shine and gloss.


Building contractors choose and love to use marble in designing floors, walls and other interior parts. In addition to that, it is also very common to use for countertops and tabletops. Due to time, marble can look dull and you cannot escape on this. Rubbing some natural mold polisher product can help you solve mild marble issues.

How to Polish a Lightly Dulled Surface

  1. Prepare at least 3 tablespoon of pure baking soda and the combined it to a quart part of water. Then transfer to an empty bottle spray.
  2. Gradually spray an amount of the baking-soda mixture directly to the top of your marble floors and others. Next, gently wipe using a clean chamois cloth. Let the area dry through air for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Into a medium-sized container, crush up one stick of chalk. Put the wet chamois chalk to the surface of the marble and then slowly rub it all over.
  4. Next, you need to wet some portion of the chamois cloth and wipe it on the marble top.
  5. Gently rinse off. Wipe the marble if needed. Dry the marble top to reveal the shine of the marble.

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How to Polish a Scratched Surface

  1. Prepare at least 600-grint sandpaper. Then locate the area of the marble top that needs polishing.
  2. By means of damped chamois or cloth, just wipe off the top and keep it doing until you see some shine.
  3. Lastly, place the highest sandpaper and do the procedure again, if needed.
  4. Keep on sanding until you are satisfied to the result.

It is normal to see some scratches on the marble top while doing the sanding but it will be gone if you continue the sanding process. On the other hand, hire the professionals if you cannot handle the damages of the marble stones in your home.

It is a fact that such stones of marble can be easily scratched over time and becomes dull. Using string marble polishing solutions or paste can certainly damage the surfaces of your marble floorings. The results can actually be rejuvenated, the marble can win back its natural shine and glossy. You need double care and attention when it comes to cultured marble as compared to the solid marble. The cultured marble holds layer that protects the marble from any damages, stains or scratches. Moreover, it is not too expensive. It is also more durable. On the other hand, solid marble is highly expensive compared to that cultured marble. Solid marble is basically porous thus it needs higher level of care and attention.

Instructions in Recoating Cultured Marble

  1. Put some water to the sand along with a 1000 grit sandpaper. By doing so, it could well remove visible scratches as well as stains on the marble top. In order to damp the sand, be certain that the sandpaper sheet is waterproof. Place the sandpaper into the water. In circular motion, gently sand the top of the marble. Use enough pressure when trying eradicate some scratches and stains.
  2. Rinse with clean water and then afterwards, dry the entire marble top.marble-cleaning-miami02 (25) marble-cleaning-miami02 (26)
  3. With the use of any marble polishing solution, simply buff the marble. It is advisable to use a buffing wheel. Light-pressure in rubbing or cleaning Dull Spots on Marble Miami is needed. Allowing to polish the marble would certainly create stunning shine of the marble top.
  4. Lightly sand the top of the marble using some diamond abrasive pad. Sand by a circular motion. Since, marble is natural and the shine of it is also natural, grinding is the only best technique in order to achieve the most shine effect of the stone.
  5. Buff the marble. This is actually a good way to bring back the shine of the marble. Certainly, a good maintenance technique.marble-cleaning-miami02 (1)marble-cleaning-miami02 (4)
  6. Now it is time to reseal the marble. This time, make use of the oxalic acid. Such product needs to be dissolved in an ample amount of warm water.
  7. Rinse and clean the marble top with water. Lastly. Let it dry completely.
  8. Finishing wax is needed to be applied. This is to ensure the flawless effect of the marble top. Actually, hundreds of products can help you, you can buy the best product for your marble type.

A lot of house owner today chooses marble as a material for the structure of their properties. A house with marble flooring or walls is so fashionable. Marble is such a beautiful material that can be used in flooring as well as in your kitchen countertops. Marble is formed through the non-foliated metamorphic rock. Aside from that, it is also crystallized with several amount of carbonate minerals. Because of the process metamorphosis, the marble rock becomes very attractive and beautiful. On the other hand, this type of rock is porous, hence taking care of them is really a challenge. Simply cleaning them with some cleaning solution can damage the smooth and shiny surface of the marble. You have to be choosy in using any cleaning agent for your marble flooring.

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Maybe you are thinking of wiping your marble flooring with something but you might scratch and damage it instead of polishing it. In this case, hiring mold polisher professionals is recommended. Finding the experts who are trained in marble polishing is the best option. Just contact your local Marble Floor Polishing Miami company and they have the capabilities to provide excellent services for restoring, polishing or cleaning your marbles. They are equipped and experienced in giving flawless results on your worn-out marbles.

In addition to that, hiring the professionals can also give services which are extremely specialized on diamond, cleaning, honing, sealing, and polishing and for any types of natural stones. Experts can guarantee excellent results and full satisfaction with the quality of their services. Plus, they can also provide some tips for your day-to-day care and maintenance for your marble flooring.

The colonial floor care is here for you if you are facing some problems with your marble. We have been in this wonderful industry for over 20 years and still gaining good reputations and customers. We have the best team that can provide great customer services and high quality assistance for your marble flooring.

It is true that polishing your marble flooring could be a hard task for you to do especially if do not know to start and do the job. Nevertheless, you may consider to follow some steps if you do not want to hire professional marble polisher. But do not expect best outcome.

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To begin with your do-it-yourself mold cleaning or polishing, prepare your marble floor. Choose the softest rug or better yet a dust mop so that the dusts or debris could easily remove. But if the dirt or stains are hard to eradicate, use medium-warm water when wiping the marble. You can add some scoop of baking soda so that the stains can be removed easily. Never scrape the stain on the marble or scratch it with something because it could certainly damage the shiny and smooth surface of the marble.

In case, you are so unsure with cleaning your marble floors, just contact the professionals.

Floors that are made from marble is really a treasure for many house owners. They choose these materials on their floors and other surface areas because of the classy, style and look it can provide. Thus, a lot of house owner are really taking care of the marble flooring. As a matter of fact, marble flooring is now well-known in many homes and folks.

In case you are thinking of getting marble flooring for your home, subsequently you must have to consider few things when it comes to polishing it and almost everybody in the world knows the challenges in taking care of marble flooring.

Marble is a type of stone which is generally a softer stone. They also come in different colors that bring something different in regards to their appearance and characteristics. There are hard marbles when compared to others. One thing in common, when scratched, it will lose its shine and luster. Hence maintain it is important.

For you marble flooring, countertops, walls and other areas in your home that has been etched, you need to polish them right away. In repairing some marble flooring, you might need to seek professional assistance by simply calling a local Marble Polishing Miami company. The local experts can repair and bring back the glossy, class and elegance of your marble flooring. Aside from marble flooring, most experts can also provide professional polishing services to granite, saturnia, limestone as well as travertine. Marble with matte needs the most appropriate way of maintenance. Moreover, as much as possible, it needs professional treatment.

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Most professional company today truly offers high quality marble flooring polishing services. Experts are fully instructed when it comes to cleaning your marble flooring. They also provide complete offer of marble flooring polishing products that can be used in cleaning marble for more beauty and elegance.

Marble has a very special characteristics. Hire the professionals who are with passion and word for their customer like you.

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For timeless beauty and shine, you can do day-to-day marble flooring maintenance such as waxing it and wiping it with clean cloth or a map. But, since the floor is also exposed to dust, dirt and possible scratches every day, you need to conduct much systematic and higher level approach of marble flooring care.

For everyday marble floor care, simply use baking soda mixed into a pale of water and use a soft cloth to wipe the marble floor. Keep on using water to rinse the marble floor. Let the air dry the marble for an hour.

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